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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why people visit Tirupati Temple ?

Tirupati Balaji Temple is the holiest place and one of the largest temples in the world. It is situated in the Eastern Ghat in Chittoor district. This temple is dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara mean Hindu God Vishnu. It is believed that in this Kalyuga, one can get mukti only by worshipping to Shri Venkateswara at Tirupati.

There is an interesting story behind that why people visit Tirupati. Venkateshwara taken a loan of one crore and 14 lakh coins of gold from Kubera (Wealth God) and had Viswakarma for the arrangement of the marriage. And he agreed to repay the interest from the collections of temple at Tirupati, Andra Pradesh State, India. We don’t know how far the story is true. But, people have got much faith on Lord Balaji. It is believed the turning point will come in the life of a suffering person, if he visits this temple once. Many people visit the temple before doing something new.

Common people believed that something good will happen in their life if he visits Tirupati Balaji temples. Many businessmen give a share of profit to this temple, on a regular basis. By the grace of Lord Balaji, the impossible things are made possible and the delighted people want to thank him in the form of putting some money in the Hundi at the temple. The daily Hundi collections exceed Rupee one crore and some people put gold, silver coins and jewellery also in the Hundi. The people stand in long queues patiently, to have the darshan for few seconds. People believe that Lord Venkateshwara will come to our rescue if we give him a call and relieve us from our problems, whether we are a strong devotee or not. Many people give a vow to the Lord Balaji that they will visit Tirupati temple and leave the ego by tonsure, which is giving away the prestigious hair. Some people engage in fasting and do prayers to Lord venkateshwara to win his grace.

Lord Venkateswara Photo

Hindu God Tirupati Balaji

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