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Brahmotsavam Festival

Brahmotsavam festival is a Hindu festival which is celebrated at Tirupati, in Andhra Pradesh. It is celebrated once in a whole years. The festival continues for 9 days. Generally this festival comes in the month of October. It is believed that God Brahma, the creator of God, had started this festival. He worshipped God Balaji on the banks of the Pushkarini in Tirupati to give thanks him for the protection of mankind. So the festival name is “Brahmotsavam”. Brahmotsavam means Brahma’s Utsavam.

How to Celebrate this festival at Tirupati :
This festival is celebrated in Tirupati temple. So, every year in the month of September or October uncountable devotees came to tirupati temple to join in the festival celebration. This Brahmotsavam celebration provides opportunity to all devotees to receive the blessing of God Venkateswara and experience Vaikuntha Anubhava (heavenly enjoyment and feeling). This festival continues nine days. The idol of god Balaji is decorated with gold ornaments and precious stones to make the procession more attracting. During the nine days of the festival, the religious activities can be seen in the temple. It includes daily Homas, and processions for the Utsavas murti on different Vahana etc. Pilgrims came to Tirupati from all over India as well as abroad for joining in the festival. All the activities of the temple and Brahmotsavam festival are handled by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD). TTD provides all facilities to the pilgrims. The fifth and ninth days of the festival are especially significant in as much as Garudautsavam and Rathauthavam takes place on those days. Following are the nine day activities in tirupati during Brahmotsavam festival.

First day of the Festival :
The first day of the festival is known as “Dhwajarohan”. On the starting of the festival, the Garuda flag hoisting ceremony celebrated near the Srivari Alaya Dhwajasthambham. This signifies the commencement of the Brahmotsava. It is believed that Garuda goes to Devalokam and invites all the Gods to attend the function.On this day the wonderful procession of God Venkateshwara on Pedda Seshavahana is taken around the four street of the main temple in the night and it continues till midnight.
Dhwajarohana Mahotsava

Second day of the festival :
The second day of the festival is known as “Chinna Sesha vahana”. In the morning of second day, the God is teken out on the Chinna Seshavahana while in the night the deities are taken to Uyala Mandapam for the Unjal Seva.
Chinnasesha Vahanam

Third day of the Festival :
The third day of the festival is known as “Simvahana”. It is same like a second day. In the third night the deities are carried on Mutayalapandiri Vahana which has a pearl covering, a symbol of purity and royalty.
Simha Vahana

Fourth day of the Fetival :
The fourth day of the festival is known as “Kalpavriksha Vahana”. In the morning of the fourth day, the god takes a ride on Kalpavriksha Vahana. Kalpavriksha is a tree that grants boons and satisfies the all wishes of the devotees.
Kalpavriksham Vahanam

Fifth day of the festival :
The Fifth day of the festival is known as “Garuda Vahan”. This is a very important day of festival. It is celebrated to commemorate the God's incarnation as Mohini. In the night, the lord is carried on Garuda Vahana and decorated with Mahaakanti, Sahasranaramala. Garuda is a actul Vahana of lord Vishnu. So, this is a very great day of the festival so that on this day uncountable pilgrims came here.
Garuda Vahan

Sixth day of the festival :
The sixth day of the festival is known as “Gaja Vahan”. On the morning of this day, the deities are carried on Hanumad Vahana. God Hanuman is the main guest of this day. On this day Vasantotsavam or spring festival is celebrated instead of Unjal Seva. In the same night Lord Venkateswara sits on Gaja Vahan. It is a symbol of Wealth. It is also attributed to the elephant.
Gaja Vahanam

Seventh day of the festival :
The sixth day of the festival is known as “Suryaprabha Vahana”. On the morning of the sixth day, the deities are carried out on Suryaprabha Vahana. In the same night, after Unjal Seva, the lord is taken out on Chandraprabha Vahana.
Surya Prabha Vahana

Eighth day of the festival :
The eighth day of the festival is known as “Rathotsavam”. It is also a main day of festival. On this day the god Venkatswara travels on a Ratha or Chariot. The devotee believed that those who join this day of festival, he will got Moksha. The devotees pull the chariot with full enjoy and chant Govinda , Govinda. In the same night the lord and his consort are taken out on Aswa Vahana. Aswa( The horse) is the symbol of energy and power.

Ninth day of the festival :
The ninth day of the festival is known as “Chakrasnana Mahotsavam”. Abhsekham of God is performed on this day with oil and turmeric powder. The flag which was hoisted on the first day is lowered on the last day. On the ninth day the festival has over.
Chakrasnana Mahotsavam

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