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Other places to see in Tirupati

Sri Venkateswara Temple
It is most visited temple of lord Venkateshwara in tirupati. It is famous by the name of “Tirupati Balaji Temple”. The temple is situated on the seventh peak, Venkatachala of the tirupati hill.It is the richest temple in the world and most visited temple in India.

Sri Kapileswaraswami Temple
Sri Kapileswaraswami temple is dedicated to lord shiva. It is the only temple which is for God shiva in tirupati. It is situated about 3 km north of tirupati at the foot of the tirumala hills in Chittoor District. There is also a sacred waterfall called Kapila Theertham. Kapila Theertham is attractive place in tirupati. Annual Brahmotsavam and other festival like Vinayak Chaturthi, Skanda shasti, Mahashivratri, and Annabhishekam are performed here with great pomp and splendour.

Sri Kodandaramaswami Temple
Sri Kodandaramaswami Temple is another popular temple situated in the middle of tirupati town. This temple is dedicated to Lord Rama, Mata sita and Lakshmana. Legends say that Sri Kodandaramaswami Temple was built to commemorate the journey of Lord Rama to Tirupati. This temple was built by Chola king during the tenth century AD. Opposite of this temple there is Anjaneyaswami temple dedicated to Hanumanji, is a sub shrine of this temple. Annual Brahmotsavam and other festival like Ugadi and Sri Ramanavami are performed here with great pomp and splendour.

Sri Govindrajaswami Temple
After tirupati Balaji temple, Sri Govindrajaswami Temple is the main landmark that is most visited by the devotees coming to the temple town. It has an imposing Gopuram which can be seen from distance. The temple is dedicated to lord Krishna (lord Vishnu’s incarnation). There are also temples of Sri Andal, Sri Parthasarathy and Sri Venkateswara inside its premises.The shrine was sanctified by Sri Saint Ramanujacharya in the year 1130 AD. The festivals and functions of this temple are similar to those conducted in the Sri Venkateswara temple every year. The ticket for special darshan is Rs. 5/- per head.

Tiruchanur Padmavati Temple
A visit to Tirumala- tirupati is incomplete without a visit to Tiruchanur Padmavati Temple at Trichanur. . This temple is dedicated to Padmavati (Goddess Lakshmi), the consort of God Venkateswara who resides at tirumala- tirupati. It is located about 5 Kms from Tirupati Balaji temple. This temple is known for being home to the temple of Devi Padmavathi. Other temples located in Tiruchanur are Sri Krishnaswami Temple, Sri Sundara Rajaswamivari Temple and Sri Suryanarayana Swamivari Temple etc.

The Swami Pushkarini
Swami Pushkarini Lake is situated near Sri Venkateswara temple at Tirupati in Chittoor district. It is believed that Swami Pushkarini Lake was originally in Vaikuntham and belonged to Lord Vishnu and was bought by Garuda on earth, for the sport of Sri Venkateswara. Devotees bathe here before entering the main temple.

The Akashganga Waterfall
The Akashganga waterfall
is situated about 3 km north of tirupati temple. This is very famous because its waters are used for the lord’s bath everyday. People attract because of waterfall.

Sri Varahaswami Temple
Sri Verahaswami temple is situated to the north of the Sri Venkateswara temple, on the banks of Swami Pushkarini. Legend says that, tirumala was originally the adi varaha kshetra or the place belonging to sri Adi Varahaswami and lord Venkateswara had to take permission from Lord Varahaswami to stay here in the hill. Devotees should visit this temple before Sri Venkateswara temple. The diety of the Sri Varahaswami temple in tirupati is that of Adi Varaha who is an incarnation of lord Vishnu in the form of a boar.

TTD Gardens

Sri Kalahasti Temple

Sri Bedi Anjaneyaswami Temple


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