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Hair offering at tirupati

Tirupati Balaji Temple is almost famous for its head shaving, wealth and its laddus. Every day about 30000 devotees have offered their hair to Lord Venkateswara by thinking that their all troubles will disappear along with their hair.
As per the Vaishavite tradition in tirupati, it is compulsory for the devotees to offer their hair to the lord Venkateswara which symbolizes effacing of the ego. Not only for men who partake in this ritual but also have children and women of all ages shave their head in Tirupati.The tonsuring facilities are available at tirumala hills on cost of Rs. 10/- per head. The barber places at Kalyana Katta, a massive four floor building operating round the clock, near the temple. Devotee can take bath after tonsuring at near Kalyana Katta. Bathroom facilities are also provided by the TTD trust. After taking a holy dip in the Pushkarini tank, devotee can visit the temple for Darshan. There is a very short legend about hair offering at tirupati.

Story of Hair Offering at Tirumala-Tirupati
After the departure of Mahalakshmi due to Bhirigu rishi, Lord Vishnu left Vaikuntha and went to earth in the search of Mahalaxmi. Ultimately his quest brought him to the Seshadri hills where he stopped to rest in an anthill. Listening about the separation of Vishnu and lakshami, Brahma and Shiva got upset and decided to intervene. Thereafter Brahma and lord shiva took to form of cow and its calf and went to live at the place of a Chola king. The sun god informed to goddess lakshami about the plan of Brahma and shiva and requested her to sell the cow and calf to the king of the Chola country assuming the form of a cowherdess.

The chola king bought the cow and its calf and sent them to graze in the Seshadri hills. On this hill, the cow would secretly visit the anthill where Vishnu was living without sustenance. Emptying her milk, the cow would then return to the palace. The cowherd was angry because cow never yielded any milk to him. To find out the reason behind that, he watched movement carefully and his explorations brought him to the anthill. He discovered the cow emptying her under over the ant-hill. The cowherd got wild over the conduct of the cow, and he aimed a blow with his axe on the head of the cow. Because the cow was the actually Brahma, the Lord Vishnu rose from the ant-hill to receive a wound in the head, resulting in a loss of some hair.
When all this happen, there were one witnessed of this matter, named Neeladri, She quickly rushed forward to offer her own hair to replace what the Lord had just lost. Thus was born the tradition of offering hair to Lord Balaji at Tirumala.

Hair business at tirupati :-
TTD exports human hair on a lot of quantity to the many countries. There is a high demand for the hair in Europe especially long hair of women. The tonsured hair of Men is used to extract a protein called L-Cystein. This protein is used in a many products, also including eatable products. The hair is also used in coat linings and Chinese hair industry mixes it with hair from china to make cheap wigs and hair extensions
Even Hollywood star also used the Indian hair. Because they think that other countries hair has damage due to use of various chemicals shampoo to clean and beatify their hair, Whereas Indian peoples use natural methods to protect their hair. So that Indian hair is natural, strong, durable and can be colored. It is assumed that the final product which made from Indian hair is very costly.

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