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Darshan procedure at Tirumala-Tirupati

Darshan procedure at tirupati is totally different as compare to other temple. The newly introduced system in tirumala seeks to make the waiting time of pilgrims standing in queues as pleasant as possible. Now people can’t say that long winding queues and Tirumala are synonymous.
This Darshan procedure had comes on focus after the meeting and discussion between TTD management, experts and time management consultants. Under this project, TTD management has opened special counter on the hills at three different places. The places are Vaikuntam Q-complex, Rambagicha complex and Amenities complex. In this counter staff would tie around the wrist of all pilgrims a computerized and bar-coded band. The counters which are run by TTD management are open between 7 am to 10 pm daily. The band shows that when pilgrims can take a darshan of the lord and when he should report again at the queue- complex en route the main temple. Once the devotee is banded, he is free to move anywhere in Tirumala and Tirupati instead of rotting inside the queue sheds for hours together as in the past. It is very essential that the wrist band on the hand. After the introduction of the scheme, pilgrims need not to stay in long queue; he is free to see other interested places at tirupati.
Another facility also introduced at Tirumala depending on Darshan procedure is an “amenities complex”. It is just close to the main temple of God Balaji. The complex built at a cost of Rs. 2 crores. The complex has four spacious halls with all the required facilities like bathroom, drinking water, toilets, locker facility etc. After banded by the queue counter staff, pilgrims can stay here easily.
Objective of TTD
1) The main objective of TTD behind this new scheme of Darshan is to solve the problem of long queue.
2) To provide chance to the pilgrims to visit the other places at tirupati and tirumala.
3) To control and regulate the inflow of pilgrims on to the hills.
4) It is also easy for TTD to calculate that how many peoples are visiting the temple daily.

Advice to pilgrims
1) Collect your band or Darshan token from TTD run counters only. If you will take token from other than TTD, those token will not be valid.
2) Please check whether the date and time which is printed on the wrist band is correct.
3) Don't throw the wrist band until you have finished the darshans.
4) Though the band is water proof, protect it from moisture or excessive heat
5) The bar code on the band is time sensitive. Go to the temple gate at least one hour before the time which is printed on band.
6) The bar code gets validated by a laser scanner, so expired bar code holders are turned away from the gate.
7) Don’t exchange token with others.


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